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Welcome to Executive Data Group's Work-From-Home Data Entry. We have been in the business to provide companies with online data-entry work for the past seven years.

We are going to show you how you can start working from home by our company giving you the following:
Several Work-from-home jobs specializing in many data entry fields both traditional and non-traditional - For FREE!
We will give you details step-by-step-training in all the jobs fields - Training is very detailed with both text and video tutorials - For FREE!
We are going to give you all the needed resources and training to better your skills in typing, grammar, computer knowledge  - For FREE!
We are going to give you over $300 worth of a software suite that is needed to do the various job task we show - For FREE!
We will give you email support as needed to assure you get through the training and get started on the jobs - For FREE!

Anyone who would charge for work-from-home jobs is just scamming you out of your hard earned money!

We provide our clients with the largest and best trained online data-entry work force on the Internet. Our dealings with over 30,000 companies has created a huge data base of companies for our data-entry clerk members to partner and do many outsourcing jobs.

Did you know that work-from-home data-entry jobs (which come in many formats) are the #1 jobs on the Internet?

Many of these jobs cannot be filled because of the lack of experience, knowledge or resources to connect with the actual jobs.

With the ever-growing Internet market, it is necessary for online businesses to get their Web site exposed to this market through data entry marketing. Other companies are looking for workers to research their products or services, and some companies are looking to outsource word processing and transcribing assignments to cut their costs. We provide the personnel to meet these needs. We train our workers to perform any of these tasks for the thousands of companies in our network.

Executive Data Group will personally train all of our online data-entry clerks to perform many different job tasks. Our members are completely trained to do tasks as simple as posting data submissionsword processing and general data-entry transcription for a thousands of companies. Our company, Executive Data Group, works with several Web-based businesses and service companies that will require research to be created into data research format. We have business evaluation companies that need our workers to type audits and review reports. There are companies that require tasks such as proofread and editing, and we provide them with the trained workers to do all these tasks and much more.

We are always recruiting workers that can meet these needs. We do not require past experience to do these jobs because of our detailed online training program we provide. If you are ambitious and want to work from home doing legitimate work, you can earn you a nice income. Do you think you are one of these workers?

Many current members can make $100 a day part-time, and the dedicated members can make well over $500 a day.

Now you can work from the comfort of your own home doing data-entry jobs. Our company offers complete training along with data-entry jobs that you can do at your leisure and get paid for your efforts.

With our program you are guaranteed jobs through The Executive Data Group. There are thousands of companies in our database for you to choose from. We currently have trained over 10,000 members to successfully do work-from-home data-entry both online and off-line.

The Work-From-Home Data-Entry Jobs Provided

Executive Data Group has a large network of companies to perform work for available on the web. The marketing database of companies offering work is in the thousands. Many of these companies will not require any approval or applications to get work through our program. You will be able to get all of these companies with simple pay administrative account sign-ups which of course is free and complete tutorial is provided through our training. Along with our guidance and training you will be working for some of the most popular companies on the Internet that are in our network.

Online Data Entry Clerk
Our online data- entry clerks will work with many different outsourced assignments. Working directly with thousands of companies that will send work directly to our workers. Assignments will come in many different forms, such as doing like spreadsheets, making business literature, word processing etc. You will do tasks like make fax cover sheets, company newsletters, business literature, etc. Most of the work is already designed and you simply will be reproducing the supplied content and sending it back to the companies.

Data Marketing Operator

One of the most popular types of data-entry jobs on the Internet. This job will create endless amount of work you will perform at your leisure. We will show you how you type short forms and submissions. We show you exactly how and where to post the submissions for any of the thousands of companies available in our network. Use the special pay tracking provided by each company and you will be receiving a nice paycheck every month. Many of our workers will make $300 to $1000 or more per DAY! with this program.

Web Research Assistant
As a Web research assistant you will be asked to view certain Web sites, and online programs, etc. After you you do a review you will type your data research reports on your overall judgement of the companies. All of the work is done online from your home. You will have the opportunity to visit focus groups in your area as well. The basic jobs online will take and average of about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete. The longer the assignment usually means more earning potential. A fun job that will create a nice income.

General Audio Transcriber

You will be doing general audio transcription which is basically listening to tapes, digital recordings, CDs, video, etc. and typing the audio to a text format. You will get assignments to convert audio to text like speeches, focus groups, presentations, meetings as just a few examples to transcribe. This job program is only for general basic audio transcription and not for medical or legal. So you do not need any prior medical or legal training/coding to do these jobs. We give you all the needed software and tools that are needed to do work-from-home transcribing.

Data Entry Evaluator
You will be working as a field auditor surveying companies, products, and services in your area. You will log into your account and decide which audits you would like to do, based on the pay or your interest. After your decide which audits you would like to perform, you will travel to the business to conduct your audit. One of the first things we will do is get you certified as a field auditor. This is done online and of course with no additional costs. We will then show you what is expected on the reports you will be turning in, which is all done by computer fax or e-mail.

Data Content Provider
Data content providers are the fastest growing job on the Internet. The reason is that with the millions of Web sites on the Web, there is a constant need for fresh content. You will be creating very short articles based on any particular companies content. Many articles are as simple as copying a companies current content and changing it around. This is usually preferred by the company as well. You will have four main job opportunities as an article typist with our program. We will give separate training for each job opportunity. 

Doing Simple Data Entry Can Earn a Nice income

The type of work-from-home data entry we will train you on will be data-entry Web research research assistant (online and off-line), data entry marketing operatoronline data-entry clerk outsourcing, (word processing), general transcribing (transcribe audio to text), data-entry evaluator (product judgement reports), and data-entry content provided (Web articles).

The type of data entry you perform will determine how you will get paid and how much you will be paid. You may get paid hourly, commissions, or by completed assignments. You will get paid by check through mail, or by direct deposit. Many companies will pay directly to your PayPal account or AlertPay (if PayPal is not available to you). You can get paid once or twice a month, as well as for each completed assignment depending on the type of work you perform.

Some examples of pay are as follows:

Earnings reported for one of the Data-Entry pay admin accounts

$40,237.50 Made in ONE MONTH!

NO Limits on the Amount You Can Earn!

(The above is an actual pay report from one of the pay admins who track your earnings. There is no guarantee or we are
implying you will be making the same amount of money shown in the report, but it does show it is possible.)

Earning Money Can Be as Simple as Three Steps

After our detailed training program you will be able to:


We supply all the needed posting methods both manual, and automated to post your data submissions for free.

What Work-From-Home Data-Entry Program Provides

 Complete training on different types of data entry jobs.

 All necessary software needed to do training, and jobs.

 All the needed tools and resources to complete these jobs.

 All the thousands of companies supplied for you to do work for.

 Personal guidance to help you through training.

Teaching you new skills that will last you a lifetime.

These are legitimate work-from-home data-entry jobs, and skills you are going to learn.

You see many copycat data-entry companies claiming they offer a legitimate opportunity, only to find out you are typing ads for their company to promote more members for their site.


YOU ARE NOT GETTING SOME USELESS e-BOOK is an interactive Web based company. Training and jobs are updated every day. No outdated material or resources.

You will be an independent contractor for any of the companies you work for. You will be responsible for all your taxes, and will receive a form 1099 at end of the year from most of the companies we deal with.


What You Will NOT Need to do With Our Program

 NO WEB SITE WILL BE NEEDED.                                         

Who is Eligible to do This Program?

We currently deal with some of the biggest companies from all over the world. We have designed our data-entry marketing program to benefit people from many countries. We currently have members from the U.S., U.K. Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Japan, S.Africa, Belgium, Philippines, Argentina, Malaysia, Spain, and many more countries. If you would like to know if your country qualifies for this program please go to the following page:


If you are 18 years old you qualify for our training and the data jobs.

We don't expect everyone to be a computer expert, so we designed this program for the novice computer user. You will just need a working computer, keyboard, mouse, and Internet connection; a printer is a plus.

If you are willing to take the time to learn these new job skills we are here to give you the training, the jobs, and the job resources. We only ask you to give this your dedication and full attention through the training process. 

We provide personal training through our e-mail support for all of our Work-From-Home Data Entry members. If you have any questions in our tutorial feel free to contact us so we can walk you through every aspect of the training as needed.

Please do not join our program if you have no intention of putting in an effort to learn what is being taught. We are offering you a legitimate, detailed training program that will require effort and dedication. If you are joining this program expecting to earn money tomorrow without going through our training, then we suggest you join one of those get-rich-quick schemes and try your luck with them. Any legitimate program will not promise you riches tomorrow, or without you putting in the effort. Our training is the building block of your success that will last a lifetime.

Our Secure Members Account Access Fee
We do charge a small ONE-TIME members access hosting account set up fee. The training, jobs, resources, tools and software we provide are 100% free. To clarify We are not charging you for the jobs, resources, tools, training, or software.

Why We Charge For Our Program
All the jobs, training, resources, tools, software and email support we list is 100% free. After all, they are going to pay you for your service. The reason we charge this one-time members account access fee is for updating, maintenance, support, and website servicing costs. We use a 3rd-party SSL hosting that we present this program and all the software hosting that costs us for every member that uses it. We also want to make sure you are serious about this program. We do not want curiosity seekers that will waste our valuable resources that could be better spent on serious workers, not too mention the costs to host each member. What we are giving you for free is worth several hundred dollars which includes over $300 just for the software needed to do the job tasks. We just want you to realize the value of this program and we are in now way making money off you by joining.

What We Do With Your Membership Fees
The majority of our members processing fees goes into maintaining our program and offering our hosting members account to access everything online. We also invest money into research and administrative services.
These substantial expenditures on our part allow us to aggressively promote our program to potential work clients and additional job opportunities for our team members.

If you are willing to make a small investment to pay for access to this program you can learn these new skills that can change your life. And if you are serious about wanting to work from home to make a very nice income for your efforts, we would love to have you aboard our program.

If you have questions go to our FAQ page HERE

Work-From-Home Data-Entry Guarantee

We would like you to go through our training program risk free. If, within 30 days of purchase, you have gone through our training program and find out that this is not what you are looking for, contact us and request your access account fee to be refunded. We will refund 100% of your training fee, no questions asked.

Limited Members Access Accounts Available!

Members Acceptance Enrollment
We are offering this once in a lifetime opportunity for a one-time members access fee of $99.00

Update: We have lowered our one-time members training access fee from $99.00 to a one-time fee of $49.00 for our reopening to new members for a limited time, or until we fill the needed positions.

We are giving you the training, jobs, resources, software, and tools for FREE!

Your training starts as soon as payment is made and access hosting account will be automatically set up.

I want to be one of the exclusive team members who gets instant access to this program, including all the training, job resources, tools and software that is needed to do the jobs and earn money.

I’m ready to put in the effort needed to follow this program and make REAL, CONSISTENT money with the legitimate jobs that I will perform from the comfort of my own home.

I am aware that is taking all the risk out of this small one-time fee I am completely covered by 30-day members' fee money-back guarantee. I will be refunded 100% of my membership account access and licensing fee if I am not totally happy with this program for any reason. All that is require of me is to email a copy of my pay receipt and I will be refunded all of my money I paid at sign up.

I also understand that a one-time-only $49.00 fee is the only money I will EVER have to pay to set up my access account for everything that is offered with this program. There is no limit to the earnings I can make, and any earnings are completely my own.

I understand that I am not paying for any kind of business or franchise opportunity.
I understand that I am not being charged or will ever be charged for any work-at-home jobs.
I understand that I have not been made any guarantees on how much money I will earn.
 I understand that I am an independent contractor for the companies and jobs I will be working with.
I understand that my success is completely up to me and my work ethic.
I have read the
terms of use
of this program and by purchasing i am agreeing to the terms.

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wired bank transfers, and online checks.

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